Typical Day

Typical Day 1 Jr. Campers are preschool age thru third grade.
**Sr. Campers are entering fourth grade thru ninth grade.
The schedules rotate each day to give every child a well-rounded experience.


Our supervisory staff designs all of its schedules to meet the needs of every child. We want every camper to complete their stay at camp believing in themselves and feeling a strong sense of accomplishment. We stress self-confidence, communication skills, respect for the value of others and creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.




**Our senior campers, 4th-9th grade love to make choices, and one of Brookhaven’s goals is to provide these youngsters with positive exposure to a mix of physical and creative activities that they would like to pursue. Our club (elective) program allows "senior campers" to select an activity (amongst many choices) every Monday, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. They participate in that activity for the week. The following Monday the same procedure takes place and a camper may select the same or different activities. This allows campers to gain independence and decision making skills while participating and exploring choices of their own personal interests.





Typical Day 2Typical Day 3


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